Object Storage

Structure for unstructured data.

Easily archive, manage, and serve large amounts of unstructured data such as virtual machine images,
media, and email archives with HOSTED VOIP SERVER object storage—a robust, highly scalable object-based storage solution based on OpenStack Swift.

Object stockpiling incorporates pay-as-you-go evaluating, fabricated in SFTP, full reconciliation with our substance conveyance system, and the capacity to store, recover, and influence information the way you need to. Include the limit you require when you require it, and access it anyway you'd like.


cloud serverScale how, when and where needed with practically infinite capacity and pay-as-you-go pricing

High Availability

VoIP Server Rent Objects written multiple times per cluster, with auto-healing capabilities in case of drive failure.

Advanced Control

dedicated Server Organize and manage your data with tagging, search, and indexing capabilities and API accessibility.

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Pay-as-You-Go Pricing

Control costs with pay-as-you-go pricing for storage and outbound bandwidth, and no additional charges for bandwidth within and between ARN Server data centers, inbound traffic, or requests.

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$ 49.99 per month


  • Xeon E3-1270v2 2.4Ghz
  • 2 Core
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 120 GB SATA Hard Drive
  • Internet Port 100 mbps
  • Bandwidth 3000 GB
  • 24x7 Monitoring System
  • Up-time SLA - 99.999%
$ 99.99 per month

Pre Migrate

  • Xeon E3-1270v3 3.50 Ghz
  • 4 Core
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 160 GB SATA Hard Drive
  • Internet Port 1 gbps
  • Bandwidth 10 TB
  • 24x7 Monitoring System
  • Uptime SLA - 99.999%
$ 119.99 per month


  • Xeon E3-1270v3 3.50 Ghz
  • 8 Core
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 250 GB SATA Hard Drive
  • Internet Port 1 gbps
  • Bandwidth 20 TB
  • 24x7 Monitoring System
  • Uptime SLA - 99.999%




$ 149.99 per month

Pre Streaming

  • Xeon E3-1275v3 3.50
  • 8 Core
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 500 GB SATA Hard Drive
  • Internet Port 1 gbps
  • Bandwidth 30 TB
  • 24x7 Monitoring System
  • Uptime SLA - 99.999%
$ 220.00 per month


  • Intel Xeon E5-2620
  • 12 Core
  • 32 GB RAM
  • 1TB Hard Drives
  • Internet Port 100 GBPS
  • Bandwidth 100TB
  • 24x7 Monitoring System
  • Uptime SLA - 99.999%
$ 380.00 per month


  • Intel Xeon E5-2620
  • 12 Core
  • 64 GB RAM
  • 2x 1TB Hard Drives
  • Internet Port 1GBPS
  • Bandwidth 100TB
  • 24x7 Monitoring System
  • Uptime SLA - 99.999%



Give your data a longer reach.

Dedicated VoIP Server

Object Storage and CDN Integration

HOSTED VOIP SERVER object stockpiling consistently incorporates with our CDN. Pair the effectiveness of article stockpiling with the execution points of interest of having substance conveyance hubs around the globe, giving your operations the capacity they need and your end clients the experience they merit.

Stow and go.

API, Web Portal, and Mobile Application Control

Manage object storage on your terms with robust API, customer portal, or mobile apps.

Mobile Applications

Keep your cloud infrastructure in your pocket.

The HOSTED VOIP SEVER mobile app keeps you connected and in control of your Hosted VoIP Server services. A full range of management functions put your infrastructure right at your fingertips, anytime and anywhere. Functionality includes:

  • Tickets: Need help but not in the office? Quickly create a new ticket for a support request or examine existing support tickets and check their statuses.
  • Servers: View performance details and control basic functions for your bare metal or virtual servers. Easily turn a server off or on, ping the server to test its network availability, or reboot.
  • Bandwidth: Monitor the bandwidth usage of your Hosted VoIP Server bare metal servers, virtual servers, and virtual dedicated racks.
Dedicated VoIP Server

Are virtual servers the same as VPS?

Compare and contrast virtual servers and virtual private servers.

Flex Images

Provision server images interchangeably on virtual and bare metal servers.

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Learn about the storage solutions you can add to your cloud hosting environment.

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