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DaaS is Shaping the Future of Work as We Speak

The COVID-19 pandemic is accelerating our transition to “Industrial Revolution 4.0” with automation, smart technology, and cloud-based computing as its hallmarks. A direct result of this is an increase in the demand for DaaS companies as businesses shift to the digital space. In a report from Gartner, data-as-a-service (or desktop-as-a-service) has grown three times in 2020 and users will “grow by over 150 percent between 2020 and 2023.” Mainly driven by work-from-home arrangements, DaaS is an IT solution for many companies that want work to continue without employees being physically present in an office.

Since the onset of the COVID pandemic, two-thirds of Australians are already working from home according to the Australian Institute for Family Studies or AIFS. Another article from the University of Sydney also predicts that 75 percent of workers will continue to choose to work from home even after the pandemic. The option of having a hybrid setup is most likely. With this, companies are preparing to transition to a more technology-based approach to work by hiring the best DaaS providers.

In truth, cloud computing has been around since the 1960s. It started to become more popular with the rise of the internet and later on fully integrating in our daily lives thanks to Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and the like. “Data or desktop as a Service” is a strategy in cloud computing eliminating the need to download and install applications or software to your device. An evolution of this is “Device as a Service” where DaaS companies offer both hardware and software in a monthly subscription. As a result, employees are enabled to work from home and practically anywhere.

The DaaS market is steadily generating big profits as Statista results show: from a 9.4 billion dollar industry in 2018, it has now grown to over 10 billion in 2021. The reason behind this is the steady shift of companies and work culture towards being agile and adaptive. A pandemic is a good example of how work can be disrupted for long periods of time. And as we know it, climate change is causing more disruptions than ever putting work at a pause more often than before. DaaS solutions are primed to address these pain points.

DaaS companies are already setting up the future of work and offices will no longer need to be a physical space. The office can be anywhere you take it because your devices will be all that you’ll need to accomplish your daily tasks and projects. And as more Australians choose to work more freely, the demand for DaaS will continue to rise.

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