3 Practical Ways to Step Up Your Pandemic Wedding

While COVID-19 may have slowed down the economy, it doesn’t stop people in love to tie the knot this 2020. For those persistent couples who wish to push through with their plans, it is important to consider Sydney’s guidelines for special events like these, including possible permits and approvals for caterers, venue, event planners, and even wedding filmmakers in Sydney.

While there are stricter measures to follow, a pandemic wedding can still be as memorable as a typical wedding. There may be fewer guests and limited activities but you can step it up by checking out these practical tips.

Prepare a COVID-19 safety plan

The government of New South Wales issued guidelines for wedding ceremonies and receptions. This includes the completion of a COVID-19 Safety Plan and to register the event as COVID safe. According to the guidelines, up to 300 guests are only allowed in the wedding service while up to 20 people can only participate in a wedding dance party which prohibits rotation of partners. Your safety plan should cover important aspects like physical distancing, use of face masks, the “four square meter rule” and quarantine. It is important to inform your wedding planner, guests, caterer and hired wedding filmmakers in Sydney regarding this protocol.

Invest in your wedding video

Since much of your wedding experience will be limited to a few activities, it is important to capture and convey the experience through a wedding video. This is a wonderful strategy for couples who want to make their wedding extra special while staying within the bounds of your COVID-19 Safety Plan. The video can serve as your way of sharing your moment with your guests virtually, especially when you have some amazing wedding cinematography. Instead of spending on extra plates and hotel rooms, you can increase your video production budget and have your hired wedding filmmakers in Sydney prepare something that will wow your audience.

Livestream your ceremony

If you’re tight on budget or the circumstances are just really difficult to have your guests witness your wedding ceremony live, then don’t hesitate to use technology! Most social media sites including Facebook and YouTube already allow users to do live streams. All you have to do is get a digital team to prepare this for you and get help from professional wedding cinematographers so every shot will look perfect and spot on. Your wedding can also be viewed by more people without even having them attend the actual event.